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Be - Glamorous
beagle kennel


ČLP/BEA 5308

July 13, 2006

42 cm

or Arnošt, our first beagle, our dog teacher. We started little differently. In September 2006 we brought from České Budějovice a small, beautiful, cute beagle puppy, and after it we found out what is the beagle about :) Thanks to the literature and peoples who know what to do with beagle, became from our Arnošt "lord" (little bit spoiled "lord"). He doesn´t suffer from typical beagle hungry, he spits cheese, when he has a ham at first he have to smell to it if it´s good. He needs mainly long long walking and cuddling on his belly. When you stop he shows you how to continue - immediately. He´s such a dog classic and because of him started the huge beagle love :)